Boat rental San Felice Circeo

is a  coastal town of very ancient origins, with a strong tourist, agricultural and fishing vocation, is located on the eastern side of Mount Circeo, at the southern end of the San Felice Circeo plain.


The Port of San Felice Circeo is the closest point to the island of Ponza, in fact it is about 18 miles, with less than an hour with a fast motor boat or 3 hours of sailing boat you will arrive on the wonderful island of Ponza.

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The history of these places in southern Lazio is very old and nature is among the most fascinating. And it is also well known that the same name of the area is connected to that of the famous ‘maga Circe’ that Ulysses met during the Odyssey. At the foot of the mountain, and all around, dominates the intense green of the Circeo National Park forest.

The Circeo History

In the tourist complex Punta Rossa, which stands on the eastern slopes of the Circeo Promontory, spa treatments are carried out, with thalassotherapy treatments in a large panoramic swimming pool with warm sea water in movement. The small town of the Pontine Plain rises on a hill on the eastern side of the Circeo Promontory which, extending into the Tyrrhenian Sea, closes the Gulf of Gaeta. The built-up area, initially only on the hill, 98 m, has then extended to the beach. It is on this promontory that tradition wants to localize the legend of Sorceress Circe. And in fact it is thought that the caves of the sorceress, visited only by the sea, are just 2 km away from the town center.

In the garden of the Albergo Neanderthal, there is the cave where a skull was found that has the same somatic characteristics of the Neanderthal man, proving that, about 70,000 years before Christ, this place was already inhabited. After this discovery, testimonies of a primitive civilization have been gathered, which lasted for a long time and then became extinct for millennia. Then they return testimonies of vulgar populations who set themselves up there, leaving the sign of their presence in the Acropolis. The city was then occupied by the Romans in the royal age and became an important holiday resort during the Imperial period, when Nero built a villa there, he also connects the Lago di Paola, or Sabaudia, to the sea, through an existing canal. San Felice is also part of the Circeo National Park, which includes 3,200 hectares of gardens, where flora and fauna, protected, reign supreme. Because of malaria, due to the presence of swampy areas, the country will begin to grow and develop definitively only after the reclamation of the Pontine Marshes, which took place in the 1930s.