Yacht charter Ventotene

Yacht charter Ventotene and Catamaran Charter in Ventotene, Sailboat holidays in Ventotene, wonderful mini-cruise in catamaran, sailing boat, or if you want to be more comfortable in our luxury yacht Technema 80 Prime.
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The island of Ventotene

The island of Ventotene is located on the border between Lazio and Campania, the island of Ventotene belongs to the Pontine archipelago and is one of the most popular and visited tourist destinations of our sea. Unlike other islands such as Ischia or Capri, it is not subject to mass tourism so the visits are more pleasant and relaxing, both by land and by sea. The contaminated landscape consists not only of beaches and coves but also of aqueducts, volcanic tuff rocks and ruins of Greek and Roman origins. The heritage of flora and fauna is one of the strengths of the island, clearly visible from boat trips around the island. Among the places to admire: Villa Giulia, Punta Eolo, the prison of Santo Stefano, Cala Rossano, Cala Nave, Parata Grande and Parata della Postina.You can visit the wonderful backdrops of Ventotene in complete safety

Diving in Ventotene

Just immerse yourself a few moments in the clear waters of Ventotene to remain enchanted by the scenario that appears before our eyes: scarlet sponges covering the walls of caves, gorgonias, purple and blue limestone formations that appear as tropical coral, clusters and egg rings of molluscs, corvine and castagnole. Frequent encounters with large fish such as groupers and sea bream, which can be approached without fear. You will admire the play of light filtering from the surface, down to where the blue passes in the most inaccessible blue. The particularity of the dives in Ventotene and S. Stefano is also given by the extreme variety of the seabed: sandy, with extensive meadows of posidonia, with large walls, caves, arches and ravines. In the sea of Ventotene it is still possible to observe archaeological finds from ships sunk in Roman times, the most significant are now kept in the Municipal Archaeological Museum.

The skipper recommends:

Duration of a sailing holiday: 3 days
Activities carried out during the Ventotene charter:
Underwater excursions a- Trolling fishing Ventotene (primary activity of our boats) – visit of the coves of Ventotene.
For complete relaxation. Tasty appetizers, and dinner on board the catamaran based on freshly caught fish, as the tradition of the fishermen of Ventotene wants
Weather Charter catamaran Ventotene to fully enjoy a holiday on a sailboat to ventotene