Rent a Yacht in Capri

Rent our 26m   Yacht in Capri  for your sailing holidays, Catamaran, or a luxurious yacht, you can charter in the magnificent island of Capri, it will certainly be a unique experience full of pleasant surprises, especially if it has never been visited, from the sea.


The coasts of Capri

The coasts of Capri are full of coves, small bays and caves: if you have a few days to relax, with Suncat you can rent a yacht in Capri or rent a catamaran, you can enjoy a dream holiday, through crystal clear water ,  so important for the health of our sea, or occasionally admiring the small beaches accessible only by sea, and visiting the caves with emerald reflections. Our skipper, expert  of the island of Capri, will be happy to show you the most fascinating and characteristic places on the island.

The Blue Grotto tour

The Blue Grotto of Capri, and ‘perhaps one of the wonders known throughout the world both for its vastness, for its particularity’, as the blue color of its interior and the silvery white splendor that take the objects immersed in its waters . To show it from the inside, we will use our tender, which will be able to cross the narrow and low natural entrance gate.
The visit of this cave is organized in magnificent sunny days without wind.
Although from the inconvenient entrance, the blue grotto, presents inside a coloration of a very particular blue, due to the fact that the light enters through an underwater window that opens exactly under the entrance gate, thus undergoing a filtration from part of the water, which absorbs red and lets blue. A second phenomenon that determines the silver reflections of immersed objects: the air bubbles that adhere to the outer surface of objects, having an index of refraction different from that of water, allow the light to exit


If Capri is glamourous and sparkling, with its streets full of shops, a gem set among the rocks, to discover the side of the island more veracious and wild you have to face the three miles of hairpin bends uphill to the sea to reach Anacapri, the second municipality of the island. The historic center of Anacapri is a place where you can still stroll calmly among silent squares and narrow streets colored by geraniums and bougainvillea