Charter  Catamaran in Ponza

Sailing holidays on the Island of Ponza sailing on a wonderful cruise aboard the catamaran
Yacht charter Ponza. Immerse yourself in a dream, a prestigious CHARTER in Ponza, with highly specialized staff to meet your every little need. You can admire a sunset from Chiaia di Luna and make the island of Palmarola with the wonderful seabed and the coast to the peak, in complete safety.


Activities during the charter in Ponza:

Underwater excursions in ponza – visit of the caves in catamaran – Trolling Motor Yacht Prime, if only for the great passion that its skipper has for it.
For complete relaxation. Tasty appetizers, and dinners on board the catamaran based on freshly-caught shellfish, accompanied by selected wines, in the background the port of ponza.

The Pilate Caves

The Pilate Caves immediately, on the right outside the port of Ponza, probably derives from the fact that the prehistory of ponzio, the Procurator of Judea who condemned Jesus Christ, coincided with the name of the island. Thus the unworthy judge of Christ undeservedly had the honor of binding his name to the grandiose remains of the Augustan villa of Ponza “. Here, in the little boat, on the deep sea, between the ravines and the overhanging rocks, the strange and sometimes scary forms, you will seem to dream or to go to the supernatural realms. Arid walls of tufa, surrounded by tender and violent colors, with flashes of black, like a recently extinguished fire, overhang you. In the turquoise of certain depths, you can see the light passing through the natural slits of deep canals.

Lucia Rosa, with its Faraglioni,

Cala Feola with its shores and the caves built for storing boats in the winter. It is among the most popular bays of the island of Ponza and collects in a small space evocative views of great beauty. The name derives from the homonymous Bourbon family that colonized it at the end of the eighteenth century. The current port has enhanced the fraction where nature has remained uncontaminated. The pastel-colored houses, built largely in the Arabian-style style, harmonize well in the gentle landscape. La Cala until the forties was absolute dominion of the monk seals who came to winter on the white cliffs. A truly exceptional show, considering that unfortunately for many years these characteristic sea mammals are no longer seen in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The natural amphitheater of Cala Feola contains the most genuine Ponza can offer: the colorful houses with Arabian domes, the rigorous terraces of vineyards, steep stairs carved into the rock, a luxuriant Mediterranean vegetation, the characteristic silence of the islands. The natural pools can be reached through low arches of rock, the remains of the eruptive mouths of a volcano.