Yacht Charter Aeolian Islands

Charter Aeolian Islands in catamaran or sailing boat 10 days with boarding to hire boats Porto Rosa and Aeolian: Tour on the beautiful islands Alicudi – Filicudi – Salina – Lipari – Vulcano – Panarea – Stromboli . Paradises with wonderful seabeds, volcanic baths, and guaranteed relaxation. We will leave immediately after having made the galley, having taken in the curious curiosities of the place of the fresh fish to cook on board, delicious appetizers to be enjoyed perhaps next to a good wine. During this 10-day catamaran holiday you will see places that will take you back in time.

Discovery Aeolian Island

We will visit every island of the archipelago considered as pearls of the Mediterranean volcanic beaches and the wild coves of the islands, will be your scuba divers, it will seem to find you in a Marine Park. We will land in each island, and after having made at least one evening trip to Panarea or Vulcano, which offer life until late at night, we will rest sipping a cocktail, against the backdrop of these wonders.

History of Aeolian islands

Aeolian islands are volcanic islands born from the active presence of the four elements: air, water, earth and fire. They emerged from the sea during the Pleistocene and since then have repeatedly taken and changed form. The evolution is still under way so much so that in 1955, near Stromboli, a new islet has risen from the sea, then inabissatosi, which in Lipari the pumice and obsidian flows of Mount Pelato and the Forgia Vecchia date back to 729 AD. Volcanoes of Vulcano and Stromboli are still active and in Vulcano, Lipari and Panarea.


The kitchen edge to the Aeolian Islands

The main characteristic of the Aeolian cuisine is the constant and wise use of the fragrant herbs that fill every dish of fragrance, hidden sensations, of umbratile humors: rosemary, oregano, basil, garlic, nepitella, mint combined with the peel of the verdelli, the tomatoes and, of course, the caper.
The protagonist of every table is fish, simply roasted and seasoned with a little oil and a dash of lemon or stuffed with tomato, basil, garlic, capers and a little ‘soft crumbs. Squeeze the squid and the lobsters.
The desserts … you will never forget the almond granita with her husband in Panarea

Finally, lemon liqueur and malvasia, “nectar of the gods”, before and after meals, together with sesame biscuits.
The recipes that we report are not only traditional and could not be, both for the history of the islands and their repopulation, both for the development of recent years, which has influenced the culinary uses.
It is a mixture of typical cuisine and revisited cuisine, respectful of tradition