Charter Motor Boat Rental

Since 2007, Suncat has also dedicated itself to the charter of motor boats, charter luxury yachts, as well as charter catamaransOur motor boat rentals are comfortable, new and luxurious, always treated in detail. They are real floating houses! With all the comforts!

The Amalfi Coast yacht charter

The Amalfi Coast yacht charter is a luxury service with crew specialized to offer every comfort for its guests. It is a service of Crew Yacht Charter.Boat rental Amalfi Coast to discover the wonders of the islands that surround the Gulf of Naples.

Charter Yacht Ponza

From Nettuno boat hire we have motor boats in bare-boat on Circeo boat hire the skipper must be on board, but may have sailor functions if you have a boat license. The motor boat has, especially if fast, has a shape that is well suited to “contain” very functional furniture.

Taking on the sailboat that, as the Americans say, is “apple shaped” where everything is curved and crooked, even the best designer finishes designing the famous “sailboat” interiors with bunks tucked under the cockpit, undersized bathrooms , refrigerators that open from above etc. This mysterious inconvenience fascinates enthusiasts, but greatly reduces the number of admirers. A motor boat instead, also small, is a real beach house and has a value in itself especially if it has two qualities: be attractive and available.