Charter Catamanan Lagoon

Charter Catamarans and boats rental sail in the most exclusive locations of the Mediterranean Among the crystalline seas of Sardinia, to the wonders of the Egadi Islands, passing through the Pontine islands, offering you from year to year offers of ever richer Charter.

Charter catamaran Ponza

in the period of July – August – September Duration 7 days or even weekend with boarding, also from the tourist port of Rome as well as from Nettuno San Felice Circeo and Ponza, start our crossing at night towards Ponza, when you wake up, a rich breakfast is a must in the center of Ponza, ready to sail at full speed.

Catamaran Palmarola

while, using our equipment, we will do some trolling, in these almost Caribbean seabed, we would see the feeling of being suspended, in this stretch the water is really crystalline, if the luck is with When we arrive in Palmarola, we will have the chance to have a very long swim, to taste our freshly caught fish, our skipper, who knows many recipes, will be happy to cook it. For the little ones, many aquatic activities will be possible, even for us … after having spent a wonderful day caressed by the wind, and having visited Zannone we will return to Ponza to enjoy a bit of nightlife Many places in ponza are waiting for us, given its naturalistic wonders …. We would be delighted to show you …

Catamaran stability

Multihulls, especially in our seas, are still often evaluated with skepticism. Safety in navigation and the possibility of overturning are the first things that come to mind when comparing with traditional boats.In case of overturning, a monocarena is able to return to trim thanks to the righting moment, on the contrary, a catamaran once overturned will remain upside down. Thus, his inability to self-straighten up is one of the main pomes of discord.Consider also another point of view. The classic sailboat has a ballast of thousands of pounds that tends to drag the hull to the bottom, in case of serious flaw the result is obvious. On the contrary, the catamaran, even if upside down or with a hole in one of the hulls, is able to ensure high buoyancy.

Catamarans are faster, stable and comfortable

On the practical side, over fifteen years of experience at sea allowed me to understand well the strengths and weaknesses of both. From my point of view, the benefits far outweigh the negative aspects. . The reduced draft allows greater safety at the bottom thanks to the possibility of getting closer to the shore (but always taking care to evaluate the conformation and the dangers). In addition, navigating in less skid conditions reduces crew fatigue by favoring greater control of the vehicle and thus ensuring greater safety on board. Even the less experienced sailors would feel safer on a catamaran.

Equal safety speed

The performances of a cat offer an additional loophole to escape the bad weather. Although they are less efficient than the monocarena in ascending the wind (it is not always true with the latest models), they can be faster. This means that even if you are forced to sail upwind at a wider angle to the wind (which implies having to cover a greater distance), there is a good chance of arriving before a monohull.

Stability. The stability factor is much higher than a normal boat. This makes the handling of sails and navigation safer even in very shaped sea conditions.

Comfort on board

Its stability allows to reduce the symptoms of fatigue and seasickness, which is often also caused by fatigue, anxiety, hunger and cold, which create a sense of disorientation and cause the crew to make bad decisions and make mistakes. Increased comfort helps to reduce these dangers.

Anchor. Multihulls have the natural tendency to be more stable at anchor thanks also to the harnessing system between the chain heat and the prows of the two hulls.

Ease of boarding

Thanks to the open and low sterns, the catamaran offers a remarkable ease of boarding. The innate stability allows you to embed objects of considerable weight in conditions of extreme safety.


The catamaran has a reduced dive that allows you to explore portions of the coast without the risk of grounding. Limited draft is also a safety factor. In fact it is possible to carry out emergency repairs in shallow water, especially if helped by the tides; in fact, the cat is able to safely rest on the bottom.

Tender management. Its aft cranes allow an easy ascent of the tender (and an equally descent). It is also po